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5 of the best WordPress cheat sheets

0June 17th 2011 under Wordpress

Whether you are just starting out with WordPress or you are a seasoned developer, it’s always handy to have a reference you can refer to when you can’t quite remember how to access one of the built-in functions or the correct syntax for The Loop. The following are 5 of the best cheat sheets I’ve [...]

css selector

10 CSS selectors you probably don’t know about

0June 17th 2011 under XHTML/CSS

Want to translate all your initial requirements into working websites without dabbling with JavaScript or adding countless lines to your stylesheets? With just a few nifty tricks you can achieve great things and add a lot of very useful functionality. Some of these advanced CSS selectors won’t work in all browsers, but most will work [...]

Consume a RSS feed with ASP.NET C#

0June 17th 2011 under C#

If you ever find yourself wanting to display your favourite RSS feed on your website this can be achieved relatively easily by creating a reusable User Control. The control will take two parameters – feed url, and number of items to display, so this can be reused time and time again. First, create a new [...]